Restore Dyckman Marina

Welcome to the Coalition to Restore Dyckman Marina

The Coalition to Restore Dyckman Marina (CRDM) is composed of residents and community groups from the Inwood & Washington Heights area of Manhattan. We are concerned about the many issues created by the Department of Parks and Recreation in how they have allowed their concession located at Dyckman Marina to operate as a nightclub and concert venue. Years of effort went into crafting a concession agreement that worked for both Parks and the neighborhood for an open-access restaurant and cafe; this agreement was formally approved by the requisite oversight agencies but has been often ignored since the concession opened in 2012. There has been almost no enforcement of the many violations of the written contract by Parks or any other New York City agency.

The files on this site document this inequitable treatment by government agencies and the resulting problems.


As originally presented to the public, the concession would be a welcome family and community-friendly restaurant and grounds with waterfront access for recreation. What the community got instead was very different. The right side of the rendering, which depicts families with their children walking the welcoming grounds, was instead turned into a VIP area (where a security guard was shot on July 13, 2014). An outdoor drinking area, one of several on the property, was built around the tree.

As originally presented to the public, the concession was to be a welcome family and community-friendly restaurant and grounds, with waterfront access for recreation. What the community got instead was very different. Most of the above area became a limited-access bottle-service and hookah VIP area (where a security guard was shot in 2014).

The goal of the Coalition is to restore the concession to its original intent, a full-service Restaurant and Marina, as per the 2009 License Agreements, the approved Site Plan and the public architectural renderings presented to various agencies. These are the approved uses that are consistent with restoring this amazing piece of waterfront and making it accessible for all to enjoy. They will generate the many benefits often credited to the concession without any of the negative impacts documented over the past seven summers.

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This late-night club/concert scene is in breach of the concession contract and yet has happened every single weekend for six summers. Where else in NYC would such abuse of regulations and laws be allowed? 

Treating the symptoms but not the cause is not acceptable. The unapproved uses of Nightclub and Concert Venue, which through their affiliated late-night noise, massive capacity, gridlock-inducing traffic, rogue valet parking, controlled access, public safety and other concerns have created major problems for the area, must end.

Just some of the 2018 concerts held at La Marina that Parks claims are not, in fact, concerts. Note that some of these were cancelled after the July 13, 2018 multi-agency raid.

Please click on the detailed articles in the “In Depth” section on this page for more explanation on the specific broken promises, inequitable non-enforcement of the law and the lack of attention by Parks and other officials.

The Coalition to Restore Dyckman Marina needs your support. Please send an email to to register your support and be kept informed of future developments. We welcome support from individuals, co-op boards, tenant associations, community groups and business owners.

A DJ act plays to thousands on June 7, 2014 at a private ticketed event in the area formerly depicted as being a casual outdoor cafe.

A DJ plays to thousands on June 7, 2014 at a ticketed concert in the area formerly depicted as being a casual outdoor cafe. Similar events happen up to fifty times each summer, despite concerts being “strictly prohibited” in the concession agreement. These massive concerts lead to traffic, illegal parking, noise, and other problems and distort access to the site.

As the summer 2019 season beckons, please check this site for the latest news; the detailed posts on each topic are continually updated as new information comes to light. Please also leave comments on these pages and be sure to contact the officials on the Contacts page with your concerns.

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Coalition to Restore Dyckman Marina

  1. We hate the traffic backing up onto the Henry Hudson Parkway and intoxicated people disturbing our peace at all hours, while stumbling along our sidewalks (right outside our apartment windows) to their cars!


    • I know the existing place causes traffic. Definitely one of the top complaints. No one never mentions that to cross the blue bridge it cost 5 dollars. 2.50 with ez -pass. I’m sure the High price contributes to the traffic on Dyckman.. They should remove the toll fee or at least charge only coming into Manhattan. Many people get off at dyckman and cross the 225 street bridge to get to the Bronx. This would definitely help. No one never mentions this it;s always blamed on the established businesses.


      • Not relevant to the topic of this page. While the toll bridge undoubtedly sends unnecessary traffic through Inwood, it is constant. It has been shown that on nights when there is no nightclub or concert use at the concession the background traffic in Inwood is busy but flows just fine. No one ever expects a neighborhood in Manhattan to have no traffic at all, but the specific way the concession is being operated is what is causing traffic to back up and disrupt quality of life.

        Please stay on topic or comments will not be approved.

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      • The price of the toll does not ever cause a traffic jam on the Henry Hudson Parkway! I’ve lived here for 13 years and have only had to sit in traffic in the last few years, on the weekends when La Marina is open and the police have to block off streets to prevent all of these “toll avoiders” from trying to drive west on Dyckman Street towards La Marina- they aren’t headed towards the Broadway bridge to the Bronx. If they were, they’d zip through the lights on Riverside Drive and be out of our hood in seconds, or minutes.


  2. How about getting a copy of the agreements and site plans and occupying the VIP section with about two hundred residents on a busy night? Alert the press and raise a stir…


  3. I agree with Josh’s idea – I would be happy to be one of those two hundred residents 🙂


  4. isnt there a local restaurant owner who is also connected to Marina and who also has some sort of official presence in the local community?


  5. Our biggest problems with La Marina is the noise on Sunday nights/Monday mornings that it brings to our community. The restaurant should not be permitted to operate past 11 PM on Sunday night, and the number of concerts that it holds needs to be regulated by the Parks Department. The area is not conducive to safe operations with so many people driving to the venue and entering/exiting along one strip. The illegal valet parking only encourages more people to drive and should not be allowed to continue. We regularly witness people littering, smashing bottles, blasting music late at night from cars, fighting, and going to the bathroom between parked cars in the streets around La Marina.


  6. Fernando Mateo …he a major player on the TLC and ex bloomberg crony [comment edited]


  7. loud noise all nite long – outsiders coming to the neighborhood that do not care about the residents – garbage everywhere – just a disgusting situation across the board.


  8. Want change? Write in “Rita McKee” for Congress in NY13.

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  9. We need Preet Bharara to bring the feds to Inwood. This is a much deeper story than the marina. Look at what has happened to Inwood over the past decade. Look at who owns the establishments. Look at the SLA. Look at the local politicos. Total Corruption.


  10. I would like to know how they are able to take all the parking for Valet and charge 20 dallors a car????


  11. I saw the article in the NY Post that links to your blog. The blog was a smart move As it seems the city is claiming there were not regular complaints about the parties, but clearly you’ve documented a lot of it. It’s clear from the article the ties that Mr. Mateo fundraised for DeBlasio and did some blatantly illegal bundling. Good to see it being investigated finally. Maybe you will see some action now that the investigation has begun. Or maybe it will take a conviction. Sad to see a politician holding your hold neighborhood hostage but it’s patently obvious that’s what is happening. Good luck!


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