Restore Dyckman Marina

Unilateral Changes

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 “La Marina is supposed to be open only seasonally, but the parks department has amended its license, allowing it to operate year-round.”

 New York Times, 6/18/13, discussing one of the many unilateral changes made by the Parks Dept. to the concession’s operations.


Price list from the Bottle Service area. Patrons can only sit in this area if they order bottles of liquor and champagne costing hundreds of dollars. This kind of fee was not provided for in the RFP or License Agreement but Parks has allowed it for three years nonetheless.

Since opening, Parks has made many changes to the concessions operations without any public review or notice whatsoever.  The concession was described for years as a Restaurant, Cafe and Marina over and over again in the media, to community boardsin testimony to review boards, in its own contractual documents – and then upon opening, a completely different operation emerged with no notification to anyone.

Among the changes that Parks either allowed or made unilaterally and without notice to turn a lovely and accessible waterfront restaurant and docks into a massive nightclub and concert venue worthy of Jones Beach:

Was it legal for Parks to permit the above?  Was it appropriate?  Was it equitable?

Is there nothing that Parks will enforce?  No action they will not allow?

Restoring the original approved uses is the only reasonable course at this point, but that is the one thing that Parks seems to have a problem with.   This should not be the case.

DJ’s playing at 11:38 pm on Sunday, August 10, 2014, long after amplified music should have been stopped or the concession should have even been open, during a ticketed concert,  with over 2000 people in attendance, served by standing bars.

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