Restore Dyckman Marina

Winter 2015 Update


 “May 1 OPENING DAY is just around the corner. Knives sharpened, smoker smoking, DJ’s aching to spin.”

 From La Marina’s Facebook page, April 21 2015.

Summer is coming.

After three full years of well-documented issues with the operation of the Dyckman Marina concession vs. its approved contract and site plan, very little has happened in the way of change. Most of the concerns with concerts, nightlife uses, capacity, traffic, valet parking, etc. continue to be as valid in 2015 as they were in 2012. And so a new summer is nearly upon us.

summer is coming copy

If the prior summers are any guide, here are some questions for 2015:

La Marina's announcement on their Facebook page of their upcoming season opening.

La Marina’s announcement on their Facebook page of their upcoming season opening. Excitement over menu and drink specials is consistent with a restaurant operation.   “DJ’s aching to spin” is not.

The many elected officials and agencies charged with overseeing parkland in New York City have said nothing about any plans to restore Dyckman Marina in 2015.   This despite sparing Flushing Meadows from a soccer and event stadium after an uproar in 2012 that it would have altered the nature of the park and the community.  Or despite noisy concerts being kicked out of Hudson River Park in 2013 after causing problems for nearby residents.  Or despite Fashion Week being booted out of Damrosch Park in 2014 over privatization and parkland alienation issues.   Why is Inwood treated differently, and inequitably?

If you are interested in seeing any action to address the issues illustrated on these pages before the thermometer hits 80 degrees, please the public officials in charge and let them know how you feel.

You can also join the CRDM mailing list, which has grown to include many individuals, co-op boards and groups; send an email to to be added.

Summer is coming.



2 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Update

  1. I suggestion approaching the new majors office directly. Bloomberg did not even know where Inwood is, I think DeBlasio may listen to our concerns ! GC


    • Representatives from Bill de Blasio’s office (both as Public Advocate and as Mayor) have been contacted many times over the past three years. Suffice it to say that no action has been taken.


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