Restore Dyckman Marina

The Notorious L.M.

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Pull up La Marina in a yacht, n****.
Then skate off like a pirate with ya thot, n****

 French Montana, ‘Hot N****’

A NYC Parks concession is now more likely to be referenced in lewd lyrics than public events listings.

After years of infamous nightclub operations, the Parks Department concession at Dyckman Marina has firmly established itself firmly in the pop culture. The nightclub, lounge and event space has already been used to film several music videos; it is now repeatedly also appearing in the lyrics of songs, although never in a way that could be considered typical for a public concession located on city parkland.

The use of the business name of the concession (La Marina) by performers capitalizes on and perpetuates the club’s high-profile nightlife reputation.  This is surely not what Parks nor the community had in mind when the RFP was awarded to create a simple restaurant and a cafe with public waterfront access.

rap album cover

NYC Parks concession as album cover?  But of course.

Of course many places in New York are memorialized in song, though perhaps with fewer references to drugs, guns and misogyny.   Some excerpts are printed below from songs that mention the concession business name in the lyrics.

You n****s just findin’ La Madrina
I’ve been sellin’ dope from La Marina
Back when Joey’s name was Cartagena
Steppin’ on it like la Macarena
My Rollie, my bitch Rollie, it all come from that white cocaine
Versace, n****, ice hockey, n****, it all come from that white cocaine
My momma, 65 with a ‘Rari coupe in her name
I bought it, she signed it, who the fuck do you blame?
Two scales in the trap car, woo!
All you seein’ is a rap star, woo!
Trash bags in the trap door
Hundred bands like a black car, yuugh!

Made my first mil, start tweaking, ho
And told my old bitch I ain’t speaking, ho
Montana, I’m a block n****
You heard they shot me and I shot n****s
Young Hov, boy, said I rock n****s
Three bricks for a verse, that’s a swap, n****
Shout my n**** Meek, he on lock, n****
Shout my n**** Max, he in a box, n****
Pull up La Marina in a yacht, n****
Then skate off like a pirate with ya thot, n****     [note – Thot: slang for ‘That Ho Out There’]
You heard she’s a freaky ho
Bitch ain’t loyal, she fucked Breezy, ho
Believe me, you can ask Weezy, ho
I heard she fucked Puff like a week ago
But I still want the pussy though
I’mma Shmurda dance on the pussy, ho
That bitch ass full of bulletholes
Still pay couple grands for that pussy, ho
I’mma Shmurda dance on the pussy, ho

Alexander McQueen, Balmain Jeans
Everything all black like the Beijing
Cop the Red Octobers since the Valentine
Have Cupid shoot that ass like 1000 times
In the cell got the wrong number
But she gone be in La Marina all summer
And she gone be up in my tub half naked
And I just sold the plug

I get it from me prima
Yall n****s might have seen her
The cokin cowboys, they goin’ La Marina
You fuck up her money, Oooh mama mia
Rather be burnt with gonorrhea
Than cursed with santeria
These my nina for that white girl like Chritsina’s nina
Oops I mean nino, all the white boys
You know gardio, or like Rozay say that cocaina
Whip it back in the cocina (now we)

  • young flood what we do

    Mixtape song on Instagram tagged #LaMarina

    What We Do – Young Flood

Yeah, we get money
We havin’ hella fun.
We up at La Marina,
Dancing in the sun.
[?] in my Mercedes,
With the junk up in the trunk.
She popped a little molly,
Now she goin’ to have my son.

I was slipping grams n**** all summer
Running through these birds like the Road Runner
Then I cried know when, she got crosses on but she drinking with some sinners.
All white cabanas. All white cabanas. On the shack’s knees with some hand from Montana

…La Marina (chorus)
…La Marina (chorus)

New York get the blood money
Real n****s smoking loud ass weed
Still counting my math, La Marina
Summertime I be in the spot
On the hood shit, smell me n****s, it’s all
DC got love for me
Young n****s sippin’ all that lean (try slowin’ them down)
Real live at the town, they be go-go’d out
I play the let out, smell me, n****, still flat out, uh
Chilly weather, Balmain with many zipper
I’m ballin’, see my closet a dollar of Penny’s in them
And ain’t talkin’ about no problems
Cause problems get finished quick with ‘em
N****s ch-ch-chopper brat-tat-tat any n****

We ain’t swinging no flag, n****
We ain’t need no pass, n****
Glock 40 with a 30 clip and laser on it, play tag with us
Everybody wanna talk bricks, ’till them feds
Swoop in and grab n****s
Dream chasers got into something
We don’t ever blink, cause we trash n****s
I don’t know if y’all heard about
What my homie do with that 30 out
Deen Buck still in the cut and state fittin’ to let Ernie out
I ain’t even gotta say nothin’
‘Bout that other homie, that you heard about
Cause, if he heard about, that you run your mouth
He come to your house and start swervin’ out
Catch me N-Y-C, out Shadyville, I’m in the tank
Only time its Manhattan, when I’m in the booth, or I’m in the bank
Summertime in La Marina, with Dominicans, going in the paint
Pullin’ up, screamin’ “Eh, Dimelo’!?”
Catch you in Brooklyn, get pita-rolled, pussy!

If you want the money and fame, then pay attention
He ain’t balling the same, you better bench him
All black in the chain, you better lynch him
Streets miss him like the Range with the 7 engine
Go crazy, I spit fire
Told baby, my man be fresh — we big timers
Yankee blue ‘vette with big tires
Can you make any move?
Yes, got big buyers
Drop Medina, got Molly in Aquafina
On my way uptown, pop in at La Marina
Walking through the crowd like I’m hot and don’t got a fever
Eighteen hundred in Rucker, we taking shots of tequila

They call me Joey PYREX, cause I whip it the good
N****s ain’t recognize yet, but they bitches do
Nah, I ain’t throwin’ up no sets, but my n****s do
Versace frames, Versace chains, that’s what Big would do
Aquafina, she got that Aquafina
So much ass up in this car, you would think it’s La Marina
And this chain weigh two kilos, bought that bitch in 88′
Tattoo Al Pacino, deep dish in that paper plate
(Don’t do it!) I’m a work of art but these gats deep
(Don’t do it!) I’m Leonardo, Great Gatsby
Swimming pools, day parties, white girls doin’ cocaine prolly
She gave strep, she’ll leave ok, that bitch sound like James Harden

Yeah, I’m young and Venezuelan and I’m coming for the greatest
I’m listening to Pun, now that’s my fucking inspiration
Living in the Heights and kicking it with my Dominicans
I’m in La Marina every weekend where the women is
Wifey ain’t a citizen but she got her papers
Wake up in the morning and she making me arepas
Viejos on the corner, arguing about the basics
All they wanna do is stay away from immigration, yeah
And we just wanna trade green cards for black cards
And get out of the hood into a crib that got a backyard
On my block, I’m like a fucking OG
Everyone that hold keys make a point to know me
Little mama 14 but got an ass and now they yelling boca
That just mean the cops passing, mami isn’t loca
She just got a lot of passion, table with the hookah
And that money get to flashing and now they call me
Flaco, flaco and in the Heights, they yelling tato, tato
That’s what they saying now
Uptown where my people getting down
Where they moving all the haze by the ounce me

Call her Senorita
Perico Princess, La Marina
I love this shit, no Alsina
I’m border hopping para cocaina, God damn
I can’t find a bitch I can’t stunt on
Want fifty at the door man
I can tell my n****s keep the gun on em
This shit is a warning, verbally assaulting so that they don’t want it

Started with a hooptie and I went and got a Beamer
Pull up in a boat, titanic La Marina
Shout out to young gunner, spend a hundred on my timer
Looking through the smoke and mirrors, smoking marijuana
Rarri and the Gatti and the Beamers and the Benzes
Homicide tryna knock my door off the hinges
Riding with some cubans that be fresh up out that border
Making back a whole thang, breaking down a quarter
Drophead, getting dome, riding through New Orleans
Hear them shots ringing then I hit that money caller
Counting up my blessings, counting money keep a dollar
Drophead white mink on when it’s cold out

I’m preparin’ for more, this house feels like a kitchen
You standin’ at the door like this house feels like a prison
Used to fuck you on the terrace and let you look at the town
Now I fuck you on the terrace, feels like you lookin’ around
Like the grass gets greener or maybe you miss smokin’
That green grass with Selena on the ave near the cleaners
Laughin’, reminiscin’ how y’all smash La Marina
With homie you used to smash with the stash in the Bimmer
Tryna change the scene as we chase this dream
Our relationship is in a league of its own
Cause I’m finally on my favorite team, let’s embrace this thing
I’m tryna iron this shit out but am I wasting steam?

You was in La Marina all summer (every Sunday)
You was up in toxic all summer (turn up)
Now it’s getting chilly, that’s the fall coming (whooo)
Now a nigga get a call from her
What’s up? How you been? How was summer? Hotter then
I’m like some bitch stringing me along like a violin (dumb bitch)
She was too busy hosting, on Instagram posting
Hashtag #nofilter AKA #hofilter
With the innocent face, but she so guilty (she did it)
Now I’m a take her in like a ho shelter (whaaat)
When there’s a few niggas that I know killed her (whaaat)
4 Celtics, Knicks guard, you know Felton
This nigga in Atlanta Airtran her, no Delta (haha)
Been naughty all year trying to end it nicely (niiice)
Summer hoes turning into winter wifeys

I wake up in that mornin’, gettin’ that café con leche
Doña, hold that azucar, my stomach been showin’ lately
Plus the crossover crazy, don’t get caught out here sleepin’
That’s why they call me Allen Irishman when I ball at Cabrini
I’m throwin’ swishes
This right here that new school vintage
I been spendin’ money tryin’ not to spend up all these minutes
And I ain’t been present, man, look at what my gift is
Some push the white cause they ain’t have the privilege
Let’s get it!
Ain’t no other city like the one I’m in
I got that Bustelo in my cup again
Jim Carey with this here, I’m goin’ dumb again
Me, myself and I, the only thing I’m up against
New York stayin’ lit, rent high, payin’ it
La Marina by the water, date night favorite
My bodega on the corner, I ain’t even sayin’ it
They already know my order, they just started makin’ it, woah!

Shaking that dice and I gamble
Start from the bottom and scramble
The coupe got no top like a sandal
Pass me the rock I got handle
Money never fold up
Pull up in that beemer
Nigga buy the whole lot
Now I’m drinking lean
Yeah we smoking weed and baby we don’t mean it
When we pull up in the boat, Titanic, La Marina, god damn
When I hit it from the back and do the toe wop
Cutting up the dope and keep the door locked
I be getting to this money baby, no lie
Ask me no questions, I won’t tell you no lie
Han, southside we in this
Smoking I be drinking brain gone no ceiling here
Pull up in that drop, no ceiling here
Ask my last bitch she’s a millionaire

I got the nine, the four- five all chrome everything
We’re looking to rob all gold everything
And these rappers they like to party
In my city catching coming out La Marina
And smack em with the nina
New York quiet, New York minding their business
Say something slip, you’re not supposed to get offended
Buy a vest when you land I recommend it
And that’s with no disrespect intended
Every bar said in this rap I meant it
You start it a real nigga end it

I’m in Mitchell projects shout out the locs, and we don’t do drive bys, my niggas get up close
No monkey shit that youngy click’ll smoke you with the hammer, catch a body be on the run and jet out to Atlanta
I’m telling y’all we never brawlin’, New York we don’t catch bodies we clap them and let them fall
Biggie laid his first song here, Rocafella, Ruff Ryders was born here
Shea Stadium, Brooklyn Nets, Madison Square, Rucker Park, Dyckman it all started here
Don’t go no where with out ya nina, we heading straight to Sin City after La Marina
Going thru a chick’s hood is problems, so don’t go unless you got the hammer and some condoms
Uhh you niggas know my tribe thorough, shouts to Westchester, shout out to the five boroughs
You don’t know what to do until you under pressure, cause growing up in New York is a hell of a tester

I made it, classic moves and classic shoes
With a Cuban linked on, that’s some classic jewels
My homie Yankee pulled the red Porsche on the boat up
And the girls want the call, yeah, we like, show, show
But we got all sorts, black, white, Asian and Spanish girls
At the La Marina look amazing, the navy gazing, we blazing
Playing, spazzing, and johnny pump open, hold it down, don’t spray her

  • Forever Wicked Freestyle – Forever – lyrics

Yeah, Yeah
Forever, Forever, La Marina
Wicked, Wicked I’m addicted all I do is cash out
Wicked, Wicked I’m addicted all I do is cash out
I’mma stack up till the summer then I’mma blow these racks out
Mack daddy Mike Jackson on the dance floor
Billy Jean I know these hoes ain’t really loyal
Wicked tune got speakers burning like it’s coil
I rap around heat the crowd up tenfoil

Ah, I walk outta my buildin’, I see addicts and skeez
Little girls that pop pollies, bags scatter the streets
Ah, they tellin’ ‘em that they can hit the trap and be queens
But really, if they in the trap, they just fiends so get the mop hoe
Them D’s walkin’ the beat like they Gestapo
El La Marina like we got boats to spot hoes
She got her body done just to serve you a bottle
But she run around on Instagram naked like she a model
Don’t make me laugh ‘bout longevity, I’mma make it last
Your wallet mimic abortion clinics; baby stacks
And uptown, it’s lookin’ like they brought the 80’s back
Except the dope in them baggies is gon’ replace the crack

Me and lavish go together
Like Martin and Gina
Justin Beiber and celina
Major crooks and subpoenas
My fans fill arenas
White Blacks and Latinas
Even philopeanos
Down to Argentina
Sliding ballerinas
White yachts
To La Marina
Shouts to Pedro
Dyckman Yo I see ya

Faces be looking familiar, sometimes it’s hard to know
I’ve been in a whole lot of places, I’ve met a lot of folks
Ain’t had a window to open, needed a pot to throw
In my hood the story of Mouse is one you gotta know
Could ask ma to push the i8 Beamer
Can’t remember where I seen her, I think it was La Marina
Singing all the words to Trina
Whole demeanor said freak like old pictures of Adina
But now all these broads shaped the same and waist trained

It all started with this bitch named Tina
Met her at La Marina
Didn’t judge a book by the cover but it was easy to read her
See I’m too hood, she too diva, only give it when you eat her
Out to eat when you treat her
Bitch I ain’t FEMA
The word on the street, she got that Aquifina
But the pussy wetter than Katrina, she’s a keeper
But I don’t need her

La Marina with the freak hoes
Here to suck and tear their knees up like D. Rose
People on me, We the rap gang gang homie, Nation be the main gang homie
If Fame ain’t on it, I don’t even put the cloth on me
I don’t stuff just any pockets (un)less Riotte
Or Polo
She just trying to fuck that’s the goal though
Her friend creep in she like that’s slow-mo
But keep it on the low-low

Montana haaaa
I don’t want her if nobody want her
Argue all night, then we fucking all morning
Blame it on the liquor, then we smoking marijuana
Skating all winter, catching tans all summer
Met at La Marina shawty had me fiending, mixing that Barack with Ciroc had me leaning
If it’s going down, shawty down to hold the nine
Way shawty bounce it up and down never seen it (never seen it)

  • That’s My Thing – Ty Dolla Sign – lyrics

I put rings all on her and we not even married, ayy
I’m the reason everything she in to come from Paris, yeah
Paparazzi pictures, but we don’t look embarrassed
From the boat to the terrace
Dick you down on the stairs, ayy
Did it all by myself
Dolla name ringing bells
Everything YSL
Ooh, yeah
Met her at La Marina
I make that pussy sing, yeah
Just might be my thing, ooh

Yo, I rather cop a (?) then support a skeezer
When it comes to trickin’ on bitches, I’m Ebenezer
Flyest that you ever seen, tryin’ to get forever cream
I’ll get you shot by some little nigga sippin’ lean
Winter green Carhartt hoodie with the chains out
‘Bout to come back to New York and etch ya names out
Uptown, playin’ dominoes at La Marina
Same day, building with the Gods in Medina

Smoking on Cheeba, sipping on Chevis
I’m in the old school, center of Portland like Arvydas
Them niggas tryna style I’m like beat it
It’s Bob Marley on my chain not Jesus
Had crack rolling fuck your fever
Dice game clean up, like skin joint like Adina
Step out with her fuck the scene up, ugh
Yea, she a local superstar met her at La Marina, ugh
First class to Miami I be low on Catalina’s, ugh

Shout out to my old yay
Sin [?], 145 on Broadway
We don’t got weight money
We don’t gotta make it, we take money
Me and Chinx gon’ pull up in a big white yacht, la marina
We was dropping off work at Medina
Go and tell Flex to drop a bomb on it
Watch flooded, can’t tell the time on it
Tell your bitch, “Come climb on it”
It ain’t hot unless I’m on it
Coke Boys, every day is a payday
From the [?] with the AK

I was a piece of shit then so leaving you didn’t even hit me by surprise
And I don’t miss my homie Daniel
Fucked around when he handled all my samples
But his love for me was way too much and ample, maybe wasn’t his fault when I got my ass got all trampled
Sorta of hurt a girl that goes by as Sabrina
Always fought as we were pitted in arenas
But I never cuffed so never had to leave her
Now I’m on top better things like shots at La Marina

We went from selling cocaina
To selling out arenas
Yeah, get Louis flip flops pulling yachts at the marinas
Dirty young bulls living like you’ve never seen-a
Flows on jalapena
My hoes on aquafina
I goes to La Marina
The scoop and spanish broad
I met me a spanish plug

If they want my time they better over pay me, yuh
Get the fuck up out my interview, I’m Lil Wayneing, yuh
Love it when my baby got her hair braided, ugh
No that ain’t my wife, I’m more pussy dating, yeah
I need Latinas up at La Marina
Dark-skinned queens with they yellow fever

La Marina’s fame is such that its reputation is now international.  Here is a German rap, with translation:

  • Cookin Up – Money Boy – lyrics

Großes Haus, rote Couch, Lederjacken, Segeljachten
Pull up bei La Marina, ordert den Champaign in Flaschen
Ich bin fresh in Puma Trainingssachen
Tu’ kurz mit den Ladys quatschen
Wollt ihr meinen Penis touchen?
Ich rock ein Shirt in weiß
Flirte nice die Girls sind heiß
Und sie sucken Dick für gratis Money Boy Merchandise
Homie I made it I know that you hate it
But now that I’m famous you call me for favours
But all I can say is “I don’t fuck with you little Bitch Hittas!”


Large house , red couch , leather jackets , sailing yachts
Pull up at La Marina , orders the Champagne bottles
I am fresh in Puma training gear
A short chat with the ladies
Will you Touch my dick?
I rock a white shirt
Flirt nice the girls are hot
And they suck dick for free Money Boy Merchandise
Homie I made it I know that you hate it
But now I ‘m famous did you call me for favors
But all I can say is “I do not fuck with you little Bitch Haters!”

Parks has never so much as said a word about any of these uses of its concession.

Restore the concession to its original intended uses so that the name La Marina is not a consistent reference point in glorified explicit tales of drugs, violence and misogyny.

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  1. It’s bobby shmurda on hot nigga not French know wht Ur talking bout


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