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Fact-checking La Marina

“Clearly, we will have to do more to show you what La Marina is all about.

– Letter to CB12 from Manhattan River Group, April 2018

At the April 2018 Community Board 12 meeting, a remarkable thing happened — the members of the community board voted against the renewal of La Marina’s liquor license.


This license comes up for renewal every two years.  Past renewals had brought plenty of complaints, but each time some new excuse was made or stipulation added (vague non-binding obligations like “not blocking traffic” that were utterly unenforceable) and then the renewal would sail through while absolutely nothing actually changed.

But after six years it appears the community board members have had enough of the problems (documented on this site but especially related to concerts, late-night crowds and traffic) and wanted some improvement from the status quo.  How did this change come about?

Aug 6 traffic from hip 2

When the licensing committee did not support the renewal earlier in the month, the operators of the concession lobbied the members of the community board before the general board meeting by sending all of them a remarkable letter filled with claims and boasts.  The problem is that many of them were less impressive upon closer inspection, and the letter may have been the final straw in the community’s tolerance for insanity (i.e. doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results).

letter to cb12 page1

Let’s go through the highlights of the letter one at a time, fact-checker style:

La Marina is one of the largest employers in the area.

Partially True La Marina only operates publicly from the end of May through September, so while they do have many employees they are almost all seasonal hires and only working for four months.  Some of the staff are provocatively depicted on social media in an extremely sexist manner, while others are there as part of a massive security apparatus not usually typical of restaurants located on parkland.   The other employer-related note not mentioned in the letter is the 2017 sexual harrassment lawsuit by a former bartender.

rear ends

La Marina actively supports our community through direct funding and free access:

Partially True.  La Marina hosts some community events.  But not nearly as many as they promised in their winning RFP response, and their beach and waterfront access has been limited to a tiny fraction of weekend time so as not to conflict with any revenue-generating concerts.  Since they are located on public parkland they are actually required to provide free access, and their agreement also requires activities like the sailing school.  Claims about “direct funding” require more documentation.  In any case, this boast is not relevant to the problems that occur when they are NOT hosting community events.

La Marina is one of NYC’s premier event venues, and the only large venue in our area:

True, which is the problem.  With its legal capacity of nearly 2,100 (which in practice is often exceeded) La Marina is not just a large venue, it is one of the largest nightclubs in the entire city.  Only it was never approved as such until just before they opened, when the capacity was declared to now be 500.  It was later revealed the actual capacity was 1,800, then finally determined to be over 2,000.  And that’s the point.  Many problems stem simply because they are much larger than they were ever supposed to be in the RFP or plan approval stage.
And no, this is not about hosting weddings or bat mitzvahs.  The corporate events can be a little trickier when alcohol is involved, and the less said about film shoots the better, but the real issue is hosting the dozens of concerts.  And these guys:

La Marina is in good standing with the SLA.

Misleading.  La Marina is claiming that the two 2017 violations are “false”.  This includes denying that the NYPD shut the concession down on July 2, 2017 for being oversold for the Bikini Palooza event (an event so inappropriately advertised that Parks forced a renaming to Beach Wear Affair after community complaints).   But until the hearings are held on the two active violations it is misleading to say that the facility is in ‘good standing’.
letter to cb12 page2

La Marina did NOT cause more than 2,000 311 calls last year, as has been widely circulated.

Misleading.  Police have stated at licensing committee meetings that there are many 311 and 911 calls coming from the vicinity and Dyckman strip overall.  Not mentioned in the letter is that 136 calls to 911 came from La Marina’s address in 2017 — which is quite a bit more significant than the 24 cited 311 calls.

And since La Marina is larger than all of the other businesses combined and a heavy influence on their foot traffic, it is hard to claim complete separation from what happens down the block.

Police data shows that there has been not a single violent incident reported at La Marina over the past 3 years.

Misleading.  The reference to 3 years is because in 2014 there was a shocking shooting on the premises.  So now if one wants to enter this public parkland one must go through magnetometerspat-downs and bag-checks.  And some violence has occurred in the last three years, as seen in this video of strippers from Starlets fighting at the DJ Camilo concert on June 25, 2017.

La Marina did not block installation of an Eco Barge

Unclear.  First of all, the EcoDock was proposed and agreed to in 2012, not 2014.  It was also funded to the tune of $700,000 by the local councilmember and borough president at the time.   The Waterfront Alliance still lists the EcoDock as coming in 2016.   So what happened exactly?  The concession operators may have been more interested in the dock when they did not have their own docks yet faced a requirement in their concession agreement to provide them.  At the CB12 April meeting, a Parks department representative said that ballooning costs were the reason the dock was not installed.  But if so what happened to the funding?  Did costs rise because of conditions imposed by the concession operators?  More information is needed to explain why the community lost this important potential resource while the federally-funded docks that were installed are used for nightclub guests, jet-skiersseaplanes and alcohol promotions.

La Marina is in good standing with the Department of Parks and Recreation, is not in violation of our concession agreement, and is not behind on payments due to the City.

Misleading.  It is true that when pressed Parks will always say that the concession is operating according to their concession agreement.  And yet certain obvious contradictions are clearly unresolved despite six years of promises of “working with the concession”.  For example, the concession agreement explicitly bans concerts and explicitly requires amplified music cease at 10 pm:
Concerts are strictly prohibited at the Licensed Premises.  All amplified music at the Licensed Premises must cease at 10:00 pm.  [Section 10.18]
This language was not a fluke.  City regulations require that all outdoor music in parks stop at 10 pm; the exact level of the noise is irrelevant.  This is why nearly all concerts in city parks everywhere else in New York stop before 10 pm, even in places far from residents like Summerstage deep within Central Park.  Randall’s Island, which is truly isolated from any residential area and hosts premier concerts, still ends all music by 11 pm.  So how does La Marina get to say they can play outdoor music till 1 am if they use a magic, never publicly documented sound limiter on their massive outdoor speaker system?
There is also the matter of the concession agreement as it pertains to alcohol promotions, music videos, sit-down only alcohol service, bottle service, ticket revenue and valet parking (“I highly doubt the legality”, according to DOT).  So the “good standing” claim merits further investigation.

La Marina does not operate secretly, or without Community updates.

False.  It has been documented many times when La Marina schedules events and does not place them on their website event calendar.  Sometimes they suddenly appear a day before, sometimes not.  In 2018 alone, the following concert dates (April 21, May 5, May 19, May 20, May 26, May 27, June 2, June 3, June 9June 10, June 16June 23, June 24July 1, July 3July 4July 8 dayJuly 8 night, July 21July 29, Aug 4, Aug 5Sep 3 and Sep 8) have all been booked.  None appeared on the calendar before May 2, and as of May 10 only two May events appeared.    Then, when inquiries were made of the Parks Dept, suddenly all May events were on the calendar while the rest were still hidden, with only a single June event posted as of May 28th .  By June 7 most of the June events had appeared but not June 3, June 23 or June 24.   It’s a never-ending game.
Note that May 5 was for a boozy dance party at 9 am on a Saturday, while many of the ticket sites list hours long past 10 pm.  “Community updates” are not the issue – the concert events are.

Traffic on Dyckman Street was a challenge before we opened and has clearly become worse as the entire area has become a summer destination.The popularity of our business without a doubt contributes to traffic congestion; but that is no reason to shut down La Marina, just as traffic on Atlantic Avenue is no reason to shut down Barclays Center.

False.  There are several factual errors in the above.  Traffic on Dyckman Street was not so bad before La Marina opened – how could it be when La Marina’s is frequently claiming that it “saved” Dyckman street from drag racers?  (Pretty hard to drag race in traffic).   Press articles from shortly after opening confirm that traffic changed due to the concession – which is logical considering that La Marina is larger than all of the other bars on Dyckman Street combined.   It can also be shown that on rare summer weekends when La Marina does not host a concert (like 2017’s Family Beach Day), Google Maps shows traffic is much better.
But the real straw man here the is the false comparison to Barclay’s Center. That facility was planned and studied extensively as a large event venue.  La Marina was not planned as a large event venue — quite the opposite in fact.  Per the 2008 Franchise and Concession Review Committee transcript:
“This is an existing use, previously a [marina] cafe, for at least, I believe, 15 years. I don’t know the exact number; at least the last 10 years. So this is not a new use of this space. Therefore, we didn’t do any [environmental assessment], because typically it is existing use and we know what the conditions that were there before.  We don’t think there is going to be any — the concessionaire has offered to work with local garages to make sure that there is valet  parking; to encourage people to come by public  transportation. And we don’t think there’s going  to be a particular traffic impact based on the concession.”
In other words, La Marina was approved as a restaurant cafe as that is what was there before.  Not a 2,100 person capacity concert venue. If it had been proposed as a concert venue an environmental assessment would have been done which would have no doubt shown enormous traffic issues for this site and the use as a concert venue would never have been approved in the first place.
Unbelievable, neighborhood-choking, highway-impeding traffic is not a reason to shut down an approved use. It’s a very good reason to shut down an unapproved use.

Our positive impact is ongoing and pervasive in this community.

True.  No one doubts this.  The restaurant and cafe are terrific, the marina docks have some benefit when concerts are not taking place, and the grounds are very attractive and a point of local pride.  Everyone likes the fact that La Marina exists as a place to go to for dinner or a date or to just explore by the water.  It is the negative impacts that are the issue, principally due to unapproved uses as a large concert venue with music past 10 pm and an enormous and illegal valet parking operation.
It seems that after six years of no change, the Community Board has tired of the same misleading and false promises.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Restore Dyckman Marina.



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Fake News Inwood (2018 preview)

“For the coming season, we will work to have staff present for certain events to assess sound levels after 10:00pm

– David Cerron, NYC Parks, Dec 22 2017

poster sep3-2Some say that #FakeNews was invented by Russian troll farms.  Others say it was popularized by Donald Trump.  We in Upper Manhattan know the truth — it has been around since at least 2012, when NYC Parks told us that they had opened a restaurant and marina concession on Dyckman Street.  Residents were told that any claims it it was, in reality, a nightclub and concert venue awash in untraceable cash was #FakeNews.

“Everything is exactly per the lease“, is the usual Parks cry, even when the opposite is true.  Try and tell them that La Marina has music acts that play well past 10 pm, outdoors, under massive speakers?  Oh no — you get back:

La Marina has informed us that after 10:00pm they switch to their internal audio system, which was designed in consultation with a sound engineer. This system has limiters, compressors and other equipment that minimizes the volume and contains sound to the Licensed Premises.

Yeah, whatever.  This website only has dozens of links and photos proving otherwise.  And I’m pretty sure that outdoor speakers rated at 130 dB don’t magically stop sound from crossing property lines.  And don’t forget, they aren’t concerts, they are “experiences that include music“.   I mean, just look at the posters from 2017.  These aren’t for kayak lessons:

It’s a concert venue.  That’s why it’s listed as a concert venue.  That’s why it is literally hosting part of the Red Bull Music Festival for “live music fans”.  Enough with the lies already, you sound like you work for InfoWars.

And let’s not get into the various use of women’s bodies in posters last year either, because Parks swears it won’t happen again …. because La Marina has hired an intern to watch Twitter!   (And it’s never happened before, right?)

bikini palooza 22

Parks says nothing they can do!

With regard to advertisements, approved promotional material for beach events can be found on La Marina’s website and/or Facebook page. Their website was not functioning for most of June due to a site redesign, which may have contributed to the circulation of unapproved advertisements.

With that said, we agree that the event in question was not promoted appropriately by the event planner – we have expressed this sentiment to the concessionaire, and they have now assigned a staff person to search event-related online posts and ensure they are in keeping with the approved event. There also exist instances where individuals post event related content to social media through their personal account, and this is something neither Parks nor La Marina is able to control.

Just blame it on the website, nice one Parks.  Or blame third parties, who maybe wouldn’t post inappropriate material if there wasn’t inappropriate use of the facilities in the first place.  (Pretty sure no one posts bikini shots of the staff at New Leaf or Battery Gardens).  I guess #TimesUp, but not for La Marina, right?  Despite actual lawsuits

Speaking of lawsuits, I guess the good news is that nobody went to jail last year.  Got pretty close though.


La Marina’s majority partner pictured with the stars of 2017’s corruption trials.

So what’s next for 2018?  Probably exactly more of the same.  More mentions in civic corruption headlines.  More concerts.  More bikinis and exploitation.  More police officers using tax dollars to babysit an illegal valet operation.  More insane and completely never ever approved traffic madness locking down the entire neighborhood.  But no ecodock.  No children’s menu.  No full-service marina.

Just suck it up Inwood and realize that the law does not apply to you.  After all, once those 30 story buildings arrive it will only be more bumpin’!


another pic 1943 attendance aug6

Legal capacity of the beach area is 1500 people.  La Marina does not provide attendance to the city but of course never, ever violates any aspect of their lease.  Any reports of otherwise is #FakeNews!




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Liar Liar Parks on Fire

“Concerts are strictly prohibited at the Licensed Premises.

 License Agreement, June 25 2009

We do not consider events that include music as part of the overall experience, and are not promoted as only a musical performance, to be prohibited.”

 David Cerron, NYC Parks Dept, July 3 2017

“With this concert, we’re giving audiences an opportunity to reminisce in the nostalgia of the music, while giving Pedro’s fans something fun to watch.”

Jackie Gagne, HBO marketing vice-president speaking about an event at La Marina Aug 9 2017


Halfway through the summer of 2017, it is time to check in on the many lies of the New York City Parks Dept under Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Mitchell Silver.

Every year Parks promises to “continue to address issues” with the concession over resident concerns about how public parkland got turned into an unaudited private nightclub.  So how are we doing so far this season?

Since La Marina’s opening in 2012, residents have been working year-round to try and get the Parks Department and elected officials to enforce the license agreement as written, as well as eliminate the serious impacts this nightclub has created for the surrounding community. These efforts usually start in reasonable questions being asked of Parks, and often end in ridiculous lies and misdirection because Parks cannot possibly explain how any of what La Marina does outside of being a restaurant or bar is legal.  It is not, and this how Parks hopes to confuse you, the politicians, and the courts into letting the concession continue without interference for another ten years.

bb2 may27

Not a concert, that’s just the cable guy fixing the wifi router.   (5/27/17)

Let’s start with the unilateral verbal extension of hours to 1 am, which you recall was extended from 11 pm.  The extension of hours is perhaps permissible,  but the extension of music to 1 am never has been.  Parks has tried many times to claim that La Marina’s events all end at 10 pm, and that any music after that is not from the main stage and is on some sort of sound limiter.  They have to say this because noise outdoors in New York is illegal after 10 pm.  But in the case of La Marina it’s pure fantasy.  The facility closes at 1 am, and the concert acts always go long past 10 pm – and are often advertised as such by sloppy promoters.  (The veteran ones, like #BrunchBounce, know to keep to the 10 pm lie.).  Even La Marina’s own website shows this when they describe a July 4th event that starts at 3 pm and features “more than 15 artists, 10+ hours of music and dancing, and special performances and surprises”  (Note that dancing is also not legal at La Marina).  And yet, when queried about the constant late-night noise, Parks will say as they did in an email of July 21, 2017 (all quotes on this page are from David Cerron, Chief of Revenue, Concessions, and Controls Oversight for Parks):

Regarding the event’s duration, we spoke to the operators of La Marina and they confirmed that the July 4th event ended at 9:30pm. The facility closes no later than 1am.

Yeah, they checked on this by calling the operators.  Hey fox, how many eggs did you steal from that henhouse you were guarding?  Oh, none?  Ok then.

And why again are there concerts happening on the site in the first place?  Parks has been asked many times in writing to clarify how this can be when the license agreement explicitly states “concerts are strictly prohibited (see 10.18).”  This is the lie put forth by Parks in an email of July 3, 2017:

jul15 crowd

Not a concert, just a lot of people standing around a space filled with concert speakers. (7/15/17)

With regard to “concerts” at the facility, as stated in prior correspondence dated August 18, 2015, it is true that the concession agreement does not define concerts. There is no indication in the agreement that live or recorded music is not permitted at the facility. The agreement contemplates amplified sound at the concession with Parks’ approval.

This first part of this answer tries to deflect by confusing any amplified music with concerts.  Amplified music is ok with some conditions, as you would expect for any restaurant or bar.  Of course it is.  The issue is the 1,500 person CONCERTS that occur in the “La Marina Beach” area and include a huge stage, ticketed entry, specific showtimes and featured performers.

concert stage jul2

Not a concert, just a nighttime TED talk.  (7/2/17)

We do not consider events that include music as part of the overall experience, and are not promoted as only a musical performance, to be prohibited. Consequently, we have approved La Marina’s use of regulated live amplified music as part of its overall concession activity, which includes its restaurant and lounge operation, marina services, and catered events.

Oh, so those are not concerts after all?  They are just “events that include music”?  That’s odd, since any six-year old would be familiar with this dictionary definition of concerts:

CONCERT /ˈkɒnsət/: A musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several compositions.

bb8 may27

Not a concert, they are cheering at random and not at all at whatever is happening on that stage. (5/27/17)

It is absurd of Parks to try and claim that “concerts” is not a defined term.  After all, neither is the word “day”, a word which is used in the agreement many times.   Maybe they mean a Martian Day, or a Klingon Day?  Or a language in southern Chad? Come on Parks, no judge is going to buy this.  You had an entire run of events last year that was called a SUMMER CONCERT SERIES for crying out loud.  You had HBO rent the place out for a CONCERT SPECIAL.  If a guy prances around on a stage performing sets, maybe accompanied by musical instruments, all while thousands of paying customers watch or dance, newsflash: it’s a concert.  Borough President Gale Brewer was emphatic about this point in a 2015 letter her office sent to Parks, but even that was ignored.

summer love 2016 image of a concert

Not a concert — those are just funny-looking hookah pipes.

Deep down, Parks knows they can’t squirm their way out.  They know they are in trouble here.  Go back to the language of the RFP from 2007:


This is not a concert, just an event that includes music.  A lot of music.  Actually pretty much only music. (7/1/17)

Proposers should note that the café will not be permitted to have any outdoor, amplified music without prior written approval from Parks. All amplified music must be at sound level reasonably acceptable to the Commissioner. The café and restaurant (if proposed) will not be permitted to operate past 11:00 p.m. on Sunday through Wednesday and 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Concerts will be strictly prohibited at the site. If the proposer plans to build an enclosed, year-round restaurant, then amplified music may be played within the structure. All amplified music at the café or restaurant (if proposed) must cease at 10:00 p.m. and must be at a sound level reasonably acceptable to the Commissioner. Music and all other noise emanating from the café and restaurant (if proposed) shall comply with the rules for noise control in Title 24, Chapter 2 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York.

aug19 event details how is this not a concert

A ticket description for an event that will have 17 musical acts on 3 stages.  But it’s not a concert! (8/19/17)

So the intent was pretty clear then.  No concerts.  This year, Parks has been trying to strengthen the “they’re not concerts, they’re events that include music” excuse by requiring that the weekend concerts describe themselves as, wait for it, “birthday parties”.  (This seems similar to the tactic tried some years ago of calling the concerts “benefits”.)  So for these “birthday parties”, you just show up like any other birthday party, only you have to get a ticket, you don’t bring a gift, there is hours of music but no singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ or cake, and there will be about 1,500 other guests.  So pretty much the same as any other birthday party ever you’ve been to, right?

not a concert aug9 hbo latino 3

Not a concert, just a smooth jazz trio performing ambient music and not in any way a HBO Concert Special (Aug 9, 2017)

And if they are not birthday parties, the concerts are called “beach parties”.  You know, like any party at the beach, minus the ocean and beach chairs, plus bouncers, tickets, a stage and multiple music acts.  And they allow 15 of these a year, on the legal basis of absolutely nothing.  Parks should be ashamed.

baefest poster aug6

Not a cartoon of a nearly naked woman.  Also, not a concert.  Also, a birthday party.  (8/6/17).

Speaking of knowing no shame, another 2017 lie from Parks is that they are blameless over the content of some of these concerts/parties.   It has long been an issue that Parks allows event promotions that feature the objectification of women, a remarkable practice for a city-owned facility in the 21st century and one that is prohibited in the license agreement (10.16).  Right from Memorial Day weekend 2017, there were problems with concert posters that fixated on female bodies.  When questioned, Parks stated on July 3, 2017:

As you know, the advertisements you referenced were not approved by Parks. We spoke to La Marina and were informed that the advertisements were not approved by them either, but instead were issued by third-party event planners. We directed La Marina to instruct the event planners to immediately replace the advertisements with something more appropriate and to firmly remind event planners to have all advertisements approved in advance. After review, it appears these advertisements were subsequently replaced. We have also directed La Marina to strengthen their efforts when monitoring online promotional material for events that is not on the La Marina website.

bikini beachwear

See, it’s not Bikini Palooza anymore.  Now a family-friendly non-concert affair suitable for public parkland.  (7/2/17)

And yet a month later, Parks pretended to be shocked!, shocked! yet again when a prominent event was booked called Bikini Palooza  which featured some of the most outrageous marketing images yet.  After the event was brought to Parks’ attention, was it cancelled?  Of course not.  It was simply renamed “Beach Wear Affair” and allowed to continue.

Again, Parks blamed others — a website redesign  — and said on July 21, 2017 that they would resolve the issue not by stopping the illegal concerts, but by asking La Marina to hire a staffer to surf Instagram!

With regard to advertisements, approved promotional material for beach events can be found on La Marina’s website and/or Facebook page. Their website was not functioning for most of June due to a site redesign, which may have contributed to the circulation of unapproved advertisements. With that said, we agree that the event in question was not promoted appropriately by the event planner – we have expressed this sentiment to the concessionaire, and they have now assigned a staff person to search event-related online posts and ensure they are in keeping with the approved event

bikini palooza 22

This sort of marketing has nothing at all to do with Parks allowing a public facility to serve as a giant nightclub. Right?

Good luck with that, since the #LaMarina hashtag is now considered so explicit that Instagram often filters it and hides search results.  But please, Parks, keep up with the good work!  Because it hasn’t stopped this poster from appearing on the La Marina website for July 30th.  Or this one from circulating on event ticket sites.  (One wonders if any other municipal facility in history has ever developed quite the street rep as the Dyckman Marina…)


Officer in background: Nothing to see here people (just the taking of public space).

Finally, Parks is continuing in 2017 the Great Lie about parking.  See, parking is a tough topic to spin.  It’s rather technical in that the site has none, the license agreement doesn’t mention it, the site plan doesn’t allow any, and the Parks-owned parking lot nearby has no agreement of its own to operate as a valet lot.  All of the streets near La Marina are either regular residential parking or No Standing zones.  And yet, and yet, every weekend, the barricades go up and parking staff seize public streets as private valet parking.  It’s a little hard not to notice, with the dozens of cops assigned to look the other way while they direct traffic.  And so, Parks must wiggle and squirm to try and not make it apparent that everything concerning parking at La Marina is grossly illegal.  Per an email on July 21, 2017 responding to a resident complaint about valet parking closing off Dyckman near Staff Street:

La Marina does not have authorization to close off this area of Dyckman Street. We spoke to the operators regarding your concern and were informed that the decision to close Dyckman Street was made by staff of the 34 precinct. In this instance, valet parking employees were allowed to move to the front of the barricade depicted in your photo to facilitate access for patrons traveling to the facility, and parking in the concessionaire’s designated area closer to the facility.

close off dyckman st for valet

Valet parking staff cone off Dyckman Street from public access, July 2017.  Because that’s totally normal to happen every weekend on NYC streets in violation of DOT regulations.

Oh, so it’s the NYPD’s fault?  Little problem with this lie:  there is NO “concessionaire’s designated area” for parking.  None.  Not a single space.  So Parks here is essentially saying the NYPD allowed an illegal parking operation to take over a public street to support a use that is not approved or authorized at a city-owned facility.  Nice.

End the lies.  Restore Dyckman Marina.

Not a concert, despite the same exact event being a Summerstage concert in Brooklyn.

Not a concert, it’s a fest.  Also not more than 1,500 people. (Aug 6, 2017)

#LaMarina #SolidCircle … DOLCE THIS FRIDAY AUG 11TH@

A post shared by Tricky Nick (@nick_solid_circle) on

Not a concert, it’s…. oh, screw it.  This is a concert. (Aug 6, 2017)

Yeah, and so is this. (Aug 9, 2017)

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Welcome Back, Klubber

“At the far west end of what the district refers to as the Dyckman corridor, is the unnervingly popular riverside restaurant-bar-hookah-dance venue La Marina.”

 Metro, Dec 7, 2016

only you

Welcome to 2017.  This will be the sixth season operating under the never-enforced and pretty-much-worthless concession agreement for the establishment at the Dyckman Marina basin.  The rent will still only be a measly 8% (far below the rents of 14% at Boat Basin Cafe or 12% at New Leaf Cafe) and as we’ve noted over and over, much of the money potentially owed to the city may never be seen because concert ticket income seems to not be reported.  But never mind all of those abstract numbers — a return to warm weather and the concession’s reopening means a return of illegal noisy concerts that bring unfair traffic and parking mayhem to Inwood’s 40,000 residents.

As usual, attempts have been made to correct the situation by asking Parks to abide by the agreements that were actually negotiated and signed back in 2009, rather than continue whatever fantasy they have been living in since 2012.  And last year saw a lot more scrutiny than usual, with federal corruption investigations surrounding Mayor de Blasio extending to La Marina’s majority partner.

2016 part1

Concert posters from the first half of the 2016 season.

But despite FBI rumors and calls for audits, as in past years Parks simply resorted to “alternative facts” to respond to critics.   In June 2016, a Parks spokesperson stated in an email to a neighborhood group that:

Similar to last season, La Marina is limiting the number of large Beach events, which are events on the beach that meet or exceed 1,000 attendees, to 15.

Keep in mind that there is no legal basis for even one of these “events” (which involve tickets and music and are called “concerts” by non-lying people).  Nonetheless, over the course of the summer Parks could not even manage to enforce their own invented and relaxed guideline.  In October 2016, long after the last mic had dropped, the spokesperson stated in a followup email:

La Marina is limiting their number of large beach events to 15 per year … for such an event to be included, it must meet or exceed 1,000 attendees.  Any events with less than 1,000 attendees are not counted in the 15 per year restriction.  Using that parameter, La Marina hosted 10 large beach events this season.

In reality, there were at least 40 heavily advertised, ticketed events in summer 2016, as seen in the posters on this page.

2016 part2

Concert posters from the second half of the 2016 season

At least 21 of those events, as documented here, hosted large crowds that filled the beach area to 2/3 or more (the beach alone has a legal capacity of 1,500 people):

1. May 21 Memorial Day Party
2. May 30 Brunch Bounce
3. June 12 Mega Music Series #3
4. June 18 Everyday People
5. June 19 Mega Music Series #4
6. June 25 Mai Tai NY
7. July 2 Chicken & Beer
8. July 3 Lovetrain Tour
9. July 4 Brunch n Beats
10. July 10 Mega Music Series #6
11. July 16 CRIBS
12. July 22 AfroCarnival
13. July 24 Mega Music Series #8
14. Aug. 6 Everyday People
15. Aug. 20 Summer Daze
16. Aug. 21 Rains/Powder Wars
17. Aug 26 Fiesta Empanada
18. Aug 27 Afro Caribbean
19. Sept 3 Everyday People #3
20. Sept 5 Brunch n Beats
21. Sept 10 Brunch Bounce

So how exactly does twenty-one equal ten?  How exactly do the images of all those concert posters  match up with “concerts are strictly prohibited” as stated in section 10.16 of the concession agreement?  How exactly was this creating “a significant improvement to the ambience of the park and surrounding area while providing a convenient service to the public” as required by the original concession RFP?  We’ll never know, as when Parks can’t give an answer that justifies their negligence, they provide no answer at all.

The only time in 2016 when Parks did their job properly in overseeing the concession was when they cancelled a boxing event that the operators had booked for the site.  Presumably they could not come up with a way to describe a live boxing match better suited for Madison Square Garden as being part of the approved use of “a full-service restaurant and a lounge”, so in this one rare instance it was dropped.

But one right does not make up for so many wrongs.  Will the same abuse of Inwood’s largest park as a late-night concert venue happen again in 2017?  What about the never-performed audit, or the missing EcoDock?  Will the city continue to look the other way as the alcohol industry uses a city park as a promotional vehicle?  Will the NYPD continue to pretend that Dyckman Street is not the city’s biggest illegal parking operation?  And exactly how many new explicit songs will come out this year referencing La Marina in their lyrics?

The big question for 2017 remains: will Dyckman Marina ever be restored to its intended and approved uses?

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The More Things Change…

“La Marina offers a unique experience that infuses a touch of South Beach in Manhattan, setting the perfect backdrop for private social events or corporate parties.”, April 2016


Summer is coming…

As La Marina prepares to open for its fifth season, there is cause for despair.

Many residents who lived closest to the Parks concession have now moved elsewhere; newer residents moving in are unaware that the problems at the site are things that should not be happening — to them, they are just the way they have always been.

Remaining residents, tired of successive politicians who fail to take action, have adapted their travel patterns and weekend activities to try and mitigate the damage.

In 2014, at the Community Board 12 liquor license renewal committee meeting, a huge crowd turned out, only to see the license renewed for another 2 years with stipulations (that were never met) and more lies fabricated (to justify actions that are not permitted by the concession agreement or city regulations).  And so on April 13, 2016 few residents appeared for the licensing committee meeting, knowing that the liquor license would be renewed regardless — which it indeed was, without a single stipulation.

LM Posters1

Will summer 2016 be just like summer 2015?

So what now?  Will the “private social events” (aka concerts, no, make that “experiences that include music“) be  limited to ending at 10 pm?  To not being on Sunday nights?  To occuring just a few times throughout the season?  No, of course not.  Will the community uses of the site, which now finally includes sailing, increase?  Nope, anything like a family movie night would conflict with the concerts.  (Although, for a place that takes in many millions each year, you would think La Marina could afford to donate the $25,000 needed for a floating classroom for the sailing school.)  How about that EcoDock promised in 2012?  Every year it is promised, every year it fails to appear.

A shooting in 2014 did not bring change.  Community meetings with Parks officials in 2015 did not bring change.  A corruption scandal involving uptown politicians in 2016 has not brought change (yet – stay tuned on this one).  There is simply no reason not to expect summer 2016 to be just like summer 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.  So what can you do about it?

Take note of the impact La Marina has on your quality of life when they host disruptive concerts, or are playing music past 10 pm, or when you cannot even exit the highway. Email with your photos and observations and they will be published here.  And contact your elected officials to let them know that not all of Inwood has rolled over or abandoned the neighborhood.

Restore Dyckman Marina to its original uses, to benefit everyone, as it should be.  In the meantime, Happy 2016.

tweet from the security company showing their training

Security staff training for La Marina’s 2016 season.  Because all Parks concessions need bouncers, right?



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Summer Lyin’ (2015 edition)

“We look forward to La Marina continuing to serve as a successful concession that is responsive to community concerns…”

Liz Sanchez, Analyst, Revenue Division, Parks & Recreation

All photos on this page are from Summer 2015

All photos on this page are from summer 2015

When fall arrives, one of the signs of the season for Inwood residents is the return of calm to Dyckman Street.  Another is the receipt of the annual form letter from the Parks Department explaining what a terrific job they did of managing their Dyckman Marina concession and how any and all community concerns about the operations of an illegal nightclub and concert venue are either unfounded or sure to be addressed any day now.

For example, here are excerpts from the 2012 version of “the letter”:

Thank you for your letter regarding NYC Park’s Concession, La Marina.  I apologize for the delayed response.

La Marina is permitted to have 500 seated people at their Parks licensed premises, 200 of which can be outside. La Marina is currently applying for a Place of Assembly permit from the Department of Small Business Services so that they can ensure they are safely accommodating their outdoor patrons.  NYC Parks, La Marina and the 34th Precinct have also been coordinating to ensure that public safety at the facility’s perimeter is maintained as well.

ritmo3Designated areas of the event space at La Marina offer a bottle fee, which Parks did not approve. We are working with La Marina for next summer’s season to ensure that the areas available to restaurant patrons remain the priority of the establishment.   We have received complaints regarding Sunday traffic congestion in the area.  As a result we have met with La Marina and they have urged more use of public transportation to their facility. In addition, we have received complaints about noise.  La Marina’s contract requires all amplified sound to terminate by 10 p.m. We have informed them of the complaints we have received and their need to comply.  We have also witnessed that many people driving in the area, perhaps on their way to La Marina, have the volume on their car stereos excessively high.  Other people set up “car parties” and put chairs on Dyckman Street and turn their car stereos on too loudly.  These areas are outside of La Marina’s Licensed Premises, and La Marina is only responsible for the behavior of patrons at the restaurant.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


And then in 2013, another letter with some familiar themes:

Thank you for writing to us about La Marina.

We understand your ongoing concerns and indeed, we have been working with the operators of La Marina to address them. The first year of any new concession is always a challenge as the agency seeks to navigate a course that is flexible and supportive of a new  business, while being sensitive to people who have to accommodate new commercial activity in their neighborhood. 

The operators of La Marina have been advised that all outdoor amplified sound must end by 10:00pm, and they have agreed to comply with this restriction in the future. As such, several events that had been planned for the end of the summer were canceled. We hope that this will help curtail the community’s concerns about noise.  

Parks has also been coordinating with NYPD and the NYCDOT to see what street network or traffic controls can be put in place to alleviate area congestion

I apologize for the delay in responding; your message was misrouted through our correspondence system. Thank you for reporting your concerns and observations. We will continue to address issues as they arise at the licensed premises.

valet on staff st (1)In 2014, instead of waiting until after summer for the Parks Dept to make their annual excuses, the concession operators themselves  issued a preemptive letter to the Community Board before the season even started.  This included such deflections as:

All of these inspections and reviews by the various departments have determined that our business in fully compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations: The 34th Precinct  conducted sound inspections throughout the area on one of our busiest days and found no violations or concerns relating to public safety; we received our second consecutive ‘A’ from the Department of Health; we do not exceed permitted occupancy levels; FDNY concluded that there were no unsafe conditions and that emergency vehicles had sufficient access to our site; the SLA is satisfied with our significant efforts to ensure that minors are not served alcohol.

A Parks Department audit conducted this winter has shown some areas where our internal procedures could be tightened up, but overall found that La Marina has properly fulfilled its obligations to the City. As a result of that audit, through ongoing meetings with Parks officials in the Compliance and Revenue Divisions, we are working together to develop new protocols to improve transparency. We are told that it is typical for new concessions to go through this type of tweaking – the process is never seamless.

cribs photo4La Marina has had an important impact on this neighborhood. Most of those who complain loudest about our business tend to ignore the drag racing, prostitution and drug dealing that plagued the area just a few years ago. The now absent dreary storefronts and dangerous stretches are not part of the discourse. We continue to work with the task force, the BID, DOS and DOT to improve the area further. By working with these groups, we are also eager to effect more positive change.

It’s not necessary to pick apart the above letters since they obviously resolved nothing — just click on the links.  But let’s take a look at this year’s form letter (supposedly authored by an analyst at the Parks Dept), which may be the best yet in terms of its truthiness.  Note – there are so many lies, the letter has to be addressed almost one sentence at a time.  For clarity, the 2015 letter text is underlined.

Thank you for your letter regarding La Marina. I apologize for the delay in response.  Since you sent this inquiry, NYC Parks has worked closely with La Marina to clarify requirements and adjust operations in order to enhance compliance with the concession agreement and to address any inadvertent impacts of the concession’s considerable popularity.

bb14This is a nice foreshadowing that the rest of this letter will be pure bull.  I wonder if “worked closely with La Marina to clarify requirements” has something to do with gross violations of their licensing agreement.  Since virtually nothing has changed in terms of their operations since 2012, does “enhance compliance with the concession agreement” mean “allow everything we initially said was not approved, like bottle service and concerts”?  Gee, I wonder if creating gridlock for half of Inwood was an “inadvertent impact”?  It’s a little hard to claim that the negative results of hosting 3,000 people and hundreds of cars at a site that is not capable of supporting such crowds is some kind of shocking surprise.

Finally, the crutch of “but they’re soooo popular” is wheeled out right in the first paragraph.  This is the excuse that Parks leans on time and again to paint the concession as a victim of their its success.  No.  The issue is not that the 500 seat restaurant is popular.  A facility of that size was forecast from the beginning and, on its own is manageable.  We know this because there are no quality of life problems on nights when the concert venue and nightclub are not operating.  The “popularity” is in reality the large crowds of thousands that attend the concerts and late-night club portions of the site, a use that was never approved by any agency.  This is made worse by the massive valet that operates without any legal agreement whatsoever.  The problem is not that these uses are popular, it is that they exist where they should not.
sample of 2015 posters

This season, La Marina has made important strides to better serve the needs of its community and implemented reasonable adjustments to its summer 2015 programming in accordance with community concerns.

Really?  Pray tell, what were those programming adjustments? Other than fewer headline performers (2Chainz, Fabolous, etc.) there was virtually no change to the summer programming.  See for yourself — Can you tell the difference between the sample poster collection on the right, from 2015, and this image of posters from the previous summer?  I didn’t think so.

As for “community concerns”, I guess the community must have been concerned with not enough events where beer companies took over parkland for promotional events, because there were two of those this year.

Per Parks’ direction, La Marina agreed to limit the number of large events to 15.

IMG_20150715_103045What a nice bit of misdirection.  In reality, Parks raised the limit of concerts from zero to 15  (since the contract says “Concerts are strictly prohibited”).  So how did Parks weasel out of this ban? It was hinted at in May, and then confirmed in a separate letter to residents in August, where Parks Chief Accountant David Cerron wrote the words “We do not consider events that include music as part of the overall experience, and are not promoted as only a musical performance, to be prohibited.”  That has to be one of the most farcical statements ever penned by a public official.

Events that met or exceeded 1,000 attendees were counted as part of the 15 large events.

Well that was nice of Parks to arbitrarily pick a nice round number like 1,000.  Where did that come from?  How did they decide that 999 people (again, at a site that was supposed to be 500 seats) would not have an impact but 1,000 would and therefore need some limit?  As it turns out, there is a process for evaluating when a proposed use will have a negative impact.  It’s called an Environmental Impact Statement or EIS.  And did La Marina have an EIS when it was first proposed?  Let’s go back to the transcript of the September, 2008 Franchise and Concession Review Committee hearing, and recall what the Parks concession director told the committee when they asked about doing an EIS:

sep5 scene4“This is an existing use, previously a [marina] cafe, for at least, I believe, 15 years. I don’t know the exact number; at least the last 10 years. So this is not a new use of this space. Therefore, we didn’t do any [environmental assessment], because typically it is existing use and we know what the conditions that were there before.  We don’t think there is going to be any — the concessionaire has offered to work with local garages to make sure that there is valet  parking; to encourage people to come by public  transportation. And we don’t think there’s going  to be a particular traffic impact based on the concession.”

So after deflecting any need for an EIS, Parks can just turn around and say under 1,000 is ok all the time, and more than that is even ok fifteen times a year?  Inequitable treatment of Inwood, to say the least.

For the summer 2015 season, eight events met or exceeded the 1,000 person threshold.

tickets july26Liar, liar, pants on fire.  There were over fifty heavily promoted musical events during the summer of 2015.  Many of those attracted huge crowds that clearly filled the beach area to capacity.  How did Parks get its count?  Does the bouncer write up a report for Parks?  Are they getting ticket sales reports from their concession?  In other words, prove it, Parks, because the pictures don’t lie.  All we do know is that Parks no longer requires special events permits for any kind of event, even the “large” ones, so there is no official record of any kind.

Additionally, Parks worked with La Marina to ensure that Community Board 12 and the NYPD 34th Precinct were made aware of potentially large upcoming events.

Hmmmn.  How exactly did you tell the Community Board (which by the way is based in Washington Heights 35 blocks from La Marina) about these summer events when the Community Board is shut down for July and August?  The police though surely were aware of the events given the traffic and crowd control they were providing each and every summer weekend, at taxpayer cost.

In regards to noise/sound, in accordance with the NYC Noise Code, La Marina transitions to an in-house system at 10:00pm that was specifically designed in consultation with a sound engineer.

bb4No, it doesn’t.  There are many examples of videos showing main acts continuing well past 10 pm on the main stage using the main speakers.  Here is one from 11:15 pm on Aug 22.

This sound system is much quieter and part of their internal audio system which contains limiters, compressors and/or other equipment for systematically containing the volume of audio at the Licensed Premises and ensuring that neighbors are not impacted by amplified sound.

And here we find some technobabble that conveniently obscures the fact that the written contract forbids any amplified music of any kind after 10 pm.   It does not allow for limited, compressed or otherwise contained audio after 10 pm.  It bans it, for the express reason that besides the fact that the New York City Noise Code effectively prohibits outdoor music after 10 pm, any music past that hour enables a nightclub use that was never approved and keeps large crowds on a site until a late hour when their exit becomes extremely disruptive.  (This also relates to how Parks unilaterally extended the hours past those approved in the contract)

20245761884_c581ef92eb_oThroughout the season, La Marina continually worked with NYC Parks and the 34th Precinct to address parking concerns and pedestrian flow.

Oh, the jokes are really flying now.  Parking concerns?  As in, the valet parking lot is totally, completely, absolutely illegal but let’s let them have it, never mind whatever the law says?  Ha ha ha.  As to addressing pedestrians, Parks must be referring to the fact that the recently built bike path next to La Marina is now used as a ticket queue, VIP access and backstage door during summer afternoons and evenings due to the construction this year of three gates along the path.  Gates that were never on the approved site plan and act to seize yet more public space for La Marina’s benefit?  Did the bag checks and ID scans to enter a public park also help with “pedestrian flow”?

20150823_103206La Marina has continually encouraged visitors to take mass transit to the venue, ride bikes to the site, and has partnered with area garages to minimize parking impact on the community. Furthermore, Parks met on-site with the 34th Precinct and the La Marina operators to discuss safety procedures for the valet parking operation.

Yes, I’m sure the instagrams of entertainers arriving by car and yacht scream “mass transit”.  Or is that referring to the tiny fine print that was added to the bottom of the La Marina website about taking the A train?  Bottom line, if you are running Manhattan’s largest valet parking operation (cash-based, it might be pointed out) you are attracting car traffic, not deterring it.  The fact that the entire thing is grossly illegal rather overrides any “discussions” about safety procedures.

In order to expand waterfront access to the community, La Marina has established a public sailing program, which provides both free sailing instruction for children and fee based sailing programs for adults.

Ah yes, the ballyhooed sailing program.  The same program that was long promised but never appeared in 2012, 2013, 2014, or even 2015 until the last weekend of August.  The one that charges $95 per person for a sailing outing.  The one that held a single Community Day in mid-October that filled its free sessions within hours, so great was the demand.  That sailing program.  While an excellent use and entirely consistent with a proper Parks concession use, its belated arrival does not make up for the many sins committed and promises broken over the past four years.

photo-from-may24During the season, La Marina’s beach area was open to the public most Saturdays from around 12:00pm to 3:30pm.

Giggle.  “Most”.  And why was that “most” and not “all”?   Could it be that anytime there was money to be made by holding a concert the free beach access was cancelled?  And about those hours, it’s curious that Parks does not point out that the hours were originally 2 pm until sunset, but those times were found to conflict too much with the business of closing public land for private parties and so were moved forward.  During the few hours a week that this large portion of the site (originally approved as an open-air and ungated café area) was open to the public, La Marina prohibited users from bringing food or drink (which had to be purchased) but generously pointed out that virgin cocktails would be available for the “little ones”.  How thoughtful of Parks to make sure the kids developed drinking habits early in life.

In addition, La Marina provided a reoccurring free beach outdoor fitness program and hosted kayak events.

20247392583_86c3e0c864_kYes they did.  A fitness program that used extremely high volume music, because why not?  If it’s ok to blast music at 1 am, why not 9 am on a Sunday too?  As for the “kayak events”, other than letting the community-friendly Inwood Canoe Club use their ramp to build their new kayak dock it’s not clear what kayak events occurred.  Unless they are confusing kayaks with floatplanes, which did hold a demonstration event for an entire week at La Marina — although being a floatplane showroom was not exactly part of the federal boating grant that paid for the docks.

I hope this information is helpful.

Not unless “helpful” means “insulting”.

We look forward to La Marina continuing to serve as a successful concession that is responsive to community concerns.

Look Parks, it’s been four years already.  You can spare us next year’s letter.  La Marina would be a successful concession responsive to community concerns if it operated solely as a restaurant and marina, as it was supposed to.  Allowing continued operation of the Jones Beach-like concert venue and late-night nightclub is wrong and should stop.

Thank you.

We will thank you when you Restore Dyckman Marina.

This is a Parks concession?

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2015 Event Tracker – September

 “We’ve directed La Marina to reduce the number of large-scale events”

  David Cerron, Chief Accountant, Parks & Recreation

At the May 2015 Community Board parks committee meeting, a representative from the Parks Dept. made half-hearted gurgling noises that maybe, just maybe the Dyckman Marina concession was causing some issues for the neighborhood with their nonstop massive parties and concerts, and well, gosh, perhaps there should not be quite so many of them.  After all, when the prior concession was shut down at the end of 2006, the New York Times had noted:

The Parks Department said that it planned to solicit proposals for a new concession at the site, and that it would ensure an end to the late-night parties.

Obviously that did not happen. But after three years of constant bad press and community complaints and even a shooting Parks evidently noticed they had to do something.  And so at that May 2015 meeting they stated they were “directing the concession to reduce the number of large-scale events”.

thursday djs

Typical weeknight DJs in addition to the below weekend events

Note that this is not addressing the typical DJ’s or salsa bands in the lounge on weeknights who generally are not run by outside promoters and do not require cover charges or tickets.  Those are also not allowed unless given express permission by Parks (when they use amplified music), but at least are more consistent with a normal restaurant and bar in the summertime.  And Parks has granted approval for such.  But clearly the large events in the beach and lounge that were heavily promoted, drew large crowds and created a great deal of noise were a different matter that required attention.

Parks did not give further details at the meeting as to how exactly they would limit La Marina – what size, dates, times, formats, etc would be acceptable?  How many such events?   As of July 2015 Parks would still not answer these questions – they told the Community Board that they needed to “consult legal”.   But from conversations with other community representatives it appears that Parks has limited La Marina to 15 “large special events”, which they unilaterally (and comically) defined as events with more than 1,000 people.


Nothing to see here, move along. (7/11/15)

Here’s the catch though; since La Marina rarely files for permits for more than 1000 people (their permits typically are filed for 1000 or less attendees), and does not provide counts of actual attendance after the fact, this is a meaningless restriction. These four pages list all of the events held in 2015.  Parks has informed neighborhood residents that only five of these have exceeded 1,000 people, so therefore there is no problem.  Clearly this is fiction piled upon absurdity.

Isn’t it great for public officials to be able to tell the public one thing, and then do the exact opposite?  Or to live in a world where 999 is a small number but 1,001 is not?   Or where quality of life issues are treated like rollover minutes and if one big event gets cool weather or rain, you get to hold another?

Again, none of these large promoted events with outdoor amplified music and non-restaurant attendance should be happening.  Not one.  It is against the contract and it is inequitable to Inwood.  The meaningless limitations “imposed” by Parks are no way to solve the problems these events cause.  Restore Dyckman Marina to its intended uses as a restaurant and marina and remove the nightclub/concert venue operations and the problems will cease.




September 3 – Labor Day Weekend Kickoff Party

Hours – unknown
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – unknown
Amplified music – yes, DJ and live band
Promoter – La Famille, DoItForTheLikes
sep3 poster

September 4 – Reggae on the Hudson

Hours – 4 pm to midnight
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – yes, $15 advance, $25 at door
Amplified music – yes, DJ and live band
Promoter – Vicrae, Restless Media LLC

September 5 – Labor Day Saturday Day Party

Hours – 3 pm – 11 pm (12 am on ticket site)
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $20-30, online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJ and live band
Promoter – TheUpscaleGroup, Vybe Africa, Vacnation & Platinum Kids, Carefree Nation, Get Wet Ent

#lamarina #platinumkids #platinumkidsevents #labordayweekend2015

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#labordayweekend2015 #platinumkids #lamarina #platinumkidsevents

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September 6, 2015 – SolRepublik Beach Club

Hours – 5 pm – 1 am
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $30 cover charge after 7 pm
Amplified music – yes, DJ
Promoter – Fully Equipped Ent, ShowtimeNY, others
sep6 poster

September 7, 2015 – Brunch Beats Summer Finale

Hours – 3 pm – 9 pm
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $10-20, online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJs and live
Promoter – Intermixx Marketing Group, Skam Artist,, Moves Management Group

September 11 – Reggae on the Beach / Fashion Week Party

Hours – 6 pm to midnight (1 am on ticket site)
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – yes, $15 online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJ and live band
Promoter – Vicrae, Restless Media LLC

September 12 – #BrunchBounce with Flosstradamus

Hours – 2 pm – 1 am
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $20-40, online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJs
Promoter – #BrunchBounce

Brand new #flosstradamus #hoodieboys #lamarina #trap ⚠️⚠️⚠️ #hdynation

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Aye #lamarinanyc #lamarina #brunchbounce #flosstradamus #goodtimes

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September 13, 2015 – SolRepublik Beach Club

Hours – 5 pm – 1 am
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $30 cover charge after 7 pm
Amplified music – yes, DJ
Promoter – Fully Equipped Ent, ShowtimeNY, others
sep 13 poster

September 16, 2015 – Latin Nights

Hours – 7 pm – 10 pm
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – free but mandatory RSVP
Amplified music – yes, DJ
Promoter – Bacardi (free drinks)
wed sep 16

September 18 – Reggae on the Beach

Hours – 6 pm to midnight (1 am on ticket site)
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – yes, $15 online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJ and live band
Promoter – Vicrae, Restless Media LLC
sep18 poster

September 19 – AfrikCan Celebration Day 1

Hours – 2 pm – 11 pm
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $35-150, online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJs and live
Promoter – Arik, Fusicology, Taranga, Okayafrica, Sahara Reporters, Applause Africa, Africology
sep19 20 poster

September 20 – AfrikCan Celebration Day 2

Hours – 2 pm – 10 pm
Attendance – unknown
Ticketed – $35-150, online sales
Amplified music – yes, DJs and live
Promoter – Arik, Fusicology, Taranga, Okayafrica, Sahara Reporters, Applause Africa, Africology

#afrikcanfestival #lamarina #youngparis

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