Restore Dyckman Marina


These  files document the stunning difference between what was promised and what was actually delivered by Parks and the concessionaire.

Request for Proposal / Responses

Dyckman Cafe RFP (2007)

Dyckman Marina RFP (2007)

Manhattan River Group RFP Response (2007)  Winning Bid

The Marine RFP Response (2007) Rejected Bid 


Dyckman Landing – From Original RFP Submission (2007)

Various Renderings (2007-2012)

Title page of License Agreement


License Agreement – Restaurant (2009)

License Agreement – Marina (2009)

License Agreement – First Amendment (2010)

License Agreement – Second Amendment (2013)

City/State Approvals

DOT Transfer of Parking Lot to Parks (1987-1995)

FCRC Hearing (2008)

PDC Submission (2011)

DEP Sewer Easement (2011)

SLA Liquor License Application (2012)

SBS Letter of Completion (2012)

EcoDock Drawings (2013)

Public Assembly Certificates (2012-13)

Examples of Special Events Permits (May-June 2014)

DOT Removal of Street Parking (2012)

Other Concession Contracts

Boat Basin

New Leaf Cafe

Battery Gardens

Tavern on the Green (RFP)

Prior Uses

A History of the Dyckman Street Ferry (MyInwood.Net)

Dyckman Marina Drug Bust (2006)


Lawsuit over Brokerage Dispute (2012)

Lawsuit over Manhattan River Group Ownership (2013)

Lawsuit over Shooting of Security Guard (2015)

Financial Reports

Monthly Revenue Reports to Parks (FY2012)

Monthly Revenue Reports to Parks (FY2013)

Monthly Revenue Reports to Parks (FY2014 partial)

Audit Notice (2013)  (later blocked by Parks, never completed)

Club posters, May-July 2014

Nightclub and concert event posters, May-July 2014


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